Federal Services

Public Safety Canada (National Office for Victims) 
They provide information for victims of crime on federal corrections issues and the conditional release system, and represents victims’ perspectives in developing national policy. 1-866-525-0554 (toll free)

Correctional Service of Canada 
The Victim Services Program, operated by Correctional Service of Canada provide registered victims with information about the offenders who harmed them and who are serving sentences of two years or more.  They also offer victim-offender mediation services.   1-866-789-4636 (toll free)

National Parole Board of Canada 
They provide information to victims in all provinces/territories.  Registered victims can obtain information on parole eligibility and review dates for the offenders who harmed them, observing or presenting victim statements at hearings & obtaining copies of parole decisions.  Victims may also request that special conditions be imposed on an offender’s release.  1-800-518-881 7(toll free)

*To register for the victim’s notification service, please call either CSC at 1-866-806-2275 or the NPB at 1-866-789-4636 (both toll free numbers).

Department of Justice Canada- Policy Centre for Victim Issues 
They provide a victim’s lens for criminal law reform and policy development.  They conduct research, raise awareness about needs/concerns of victims, administer the Victim Fund and develop public information materials.

Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime 
They respond directly to victims of crime and ensure that the federal government meets its commitment to victims.   They also inform victims about their rights and the federal services that exist to help them, they address complaints made by victims about federal government departments, agencies, laws or policies, and refers victims to programs and services in their area. 1-866-481-8429 (toll free)

Government of Canada, Victims Matter

This government website is excellent for victims, especially those going through the criminal justice system