Goals and Objectives

The TFVIAC will work to end the violence and abuse of women and their children through the following strategies:

  • Establish appropriate linkages between member agencies to build on existing services and/or create new resources for women, children and families.
  • Work collaboratively to effectively coordinate services to avoid duplication and minimize gaps in service delivery.
  • Disseminate information about services and violence/abuse prevention to TFVIAC member agencies, to promote consistency and the sharing of best practices.
  • Identify learning needs among staff of member agencies.
  • Share training opportunities among staff of member agencies.
  • Work towards the efficient use of resources among member agencies supporting women, children and families.
  • Raise awareness in the region about issues of family violence and abuse.
  • Work to end violence and abuse through ongoing collaboration and commitment to violence prevention initiatives and enhancement of supportive services for women, children and families.
  • Provide a forum for information-sharing, process review, and problem-solving, with specific emphasis on the implementation and effective operation of the specialized Domestic Violence Court (DVC) Program and other specialized family violence programs.